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SpinaLogic External Bone Growth Stimulator

Accelerate Spine Surgery Healing  in ONLY 30 Minutes

  • 21% more spine fusion patients healed with CMF Therapy

  • The MOST clinically effective bone growth stimulator

  • Simple & Easy to Operate

  • Covered by Medicare & Major Insurance Plans

SpinaLogic is an external bone growth stimulator designed to help patients recover after spine surgery.  The Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) technology found in the SpinaLogic stimulator operates within the optimal range for bone healing, meaning that patients need only wear their device for 30 minutes per day to achieve clinical benefits.  

SpinaLogic CMF External Bone Growth Stimulator 


What is the SpinaLogic Bone Growth Stimulator and how will it help me?

The SpinaLogic bone growth stimulator is a nonsurgical treatment that your physician may prescribe to help the healing of your spine surgery.  The stimulator uses a very low-strength Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) to activate the body's natural healing process.  The SpinaLogic bone growth stimulator has been proven in clinical studies to increase to increase fusion success by 49% compared to a placebo.

Are there known side effects of SpinaLogic?

There are no known side effects related to the use of this device.  Thousands of patients have used the SpinaLogic stimulator to help heal their spine fusions after surgery.  The SpinaLogic stimulator may be safely used with non-magnetic fixation devices, such as screws, plates or metal pins. 

What is my daily treatment time with the SpinaLogic?

The SpinaLogic is a simple, 30 minute daily treatment time.

What will SpinaLogic treatment feel like?

You should not feel the CMF therapy during the 30 minute treatment.  The SpinaLogic unit is lightweight and adjustable for a comfortable fit.  It is powered with a battery, which allows the unit to be portable.  You can perform activities of daily living as recommended by your physician.

Do I need to wear the SpinaLogic at the same time each day?

The unit will allow one 30 minute treatment per day.  You have the flexibility to receive your treatment at any time you choose.  It is recommended to be worn at approximately the same time each day.

Can I wear the SpinaLogic with a TENS unit or Cardiac Pacemaker?

SpinaLogic can be used with a TENS unit.  However, the device may interfere with demand type pacemakers.  Refer to the contraindications for additional information.  If you have a pacemaker, you should consult your doctor before using SpinaLogic.

Can I wear the SpinaLogic if I'm pregnant?

The effect of the CMF treatment has not been studied during pregnancy or nursing.  Therefore, if you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your doctor before using SpinaLogic.  

Can I travel with my SpinaLogic?

Yes.  A good idea is to keep your user manual available to quickly and easily identify the device for any security personnel.  We recommend administering your 30-minute treatment prior to going through security, this will ensure when moving through the x-ray and imaging devices, that the unit cannot be turned on for the magnetic fields to interfere. 

How often will I need to change the battery?

The SpinaLogic will be delivered with a battery installed.  A low battery symbol will appear on the LCD screen on your remote indicating when the batteries should be changed.  There are additional 9V batteries included that should last for the life of the device.

What do I do with the device when I'm done with it?

After your treatment is complete and your doctor says you no longer need to use your SpinaLogic, you may dispose of the device yourself according to your local governing ordinances and recycling plans.  You may also contact our customer service department for help with device disposal.  The SpinaLogic stimulator is not reusable.  Each device is for single patient use only and cannot be re-sold or used on multiple patients.

Insurance policies are different depending on the plan you have.  The SpinaLogic bone growth stimulator is covered by the majority of health plans and workers compensation plans, including Medicare; specific coverage criteria must be met.

Will my insurance company pay for the device?

What happens if my insurance company denies the claim?

In the event the insurance carrier denies coverage, the claim will be forwarded for appeal.  If the appeal is also denied then we can arrange for payment options.