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As a medical device sales professional, we should be most concerned with developing long-term, meaningful relationships with physicians and our industry colleagues.  These relationships are our lifeblood.  




Frequency measures how often you are connecting with and engaging your accounts.  Consistency is key.  Th best reps utilize a systematic call plan to define their A, B, and C targets and then they follow a call pattern at a frequency that is appropriate based on the categorization of the target.  These reps will utilize a pre-call planner to help them define meeting goals, prepare questions, rehearse objections, and complete follow up actions.


Conviction is the belief that you, your product, and your company, are in the best interest of your customer.  Many have said that sales is simply the transfer of certainty.  Either  the sales rep transfer’s their certainty that they, their product, and their company are in the best interest of their customer, OR, the customer transfers their certainty that the rep, their product, and their company are not.  A high level of conviction requires a deep understanding of your customer, your products, and the overall market landscape.


Commitment is the willingness to do the difficult things that it takes to win.  Arrive early.  Stay late.  Do things that make you uncomfortable.  Those are the things that will help you grow.  Reps that are committed get the most out of their time and are highly productive.  They have a high level of curiosity and are constantly studying the market and finding ways to connect with their accounts.  They sweat more in training, so that they bleed less in war.
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