Navigate through the most difficult vasculature with the ONLY 180 degree articulating micro-catheter on the market..


Achieve a More Complete Occlusion with the ONLY expandable round embolic on the market...


Achieve Consistent & Predictable Results with the Most Clinically Proven Round Embolic...

True Form

A 0.014” guide wire that has been designed with the ability to be shaped multiple times and keep its shape during procedures.


Maestro’s exclusive swan neck design helps seat the catheter in the vessel reducing the recoiling effect...


Exceptional pushability and torqueability are combined in the Tenor® steerable guide wire...


The STAR™ Tumor Ablation System delivers meaningful pain relief and localized tumor destruction in a single treatment.


Osseoflex Steerable Balloons can create a central cavity across the sagittal midline using a unipedicular approach.

StabiliT MX

The StabiliT® MX procedure features high viscosity cement with 35 minutes of working time* in a simple and precise delivery system.


The StabiliT® System combines a targeted approach and ultra-high viscosity cement to treat pathological fractures and minimize extravasation in the vertebrae.

Optima Surgical is proud to represent Merit Medical's Interventional Oncology & Spine products.  Merit's comprehensive portfolio includes minimally invasive devices used to treat pathologies of the vertebrae along with marketing leading embolotherapy devices for interventional oncology procedures.  Please scroll down to view our current list of Interventional Radiology products...