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Our team helps you find the
gold in your practice

If you answer "No" to any of the following questions, there definitely is gold to be found in your practice...

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Do you have more than 5 patient testimonial videos on your website?
Patient testimonial videos are powerful ways to build trust and credibility with your past, current and future patients. Patients have become more savvy consumers and have grown to distrust or ignore unauthentic marketing messages. 

Do you have more than 2 social media video ads?

 Social Media ads are a powerful tool in advertising to very targeted audiences.  A social media video ad is even more powerful.  With a well-crafted video ad you can reach your desired target audience to build trust and engage.  

Are you taking advantage of your ancillary revenue opportunities?

We can help you develop a stock-and-bill DME program, partner with ambulatory surgery centers, and take advantage of teaching opportunities available to spine surgeons in the MedTech space.

Do you offer endoscopic spine surgery to your patients?

Endoscopic spine surgery delivers exception outcomes for patients and it is what  savvy patients are looking for.  We can help you learn endoscopic spine surgery and begin offering it to patients in your practice.

Do you offer personalized surgical plans and medical devices to your patients?

Did you know there is a technology available that allows spine surgeons to design a personalized surgical plan?  This technology makes personalized medical devices for your patients and CMS rewards facilities that utilize this technology with additional reimbursement.



Schedule a Discovery Call and let us show you how we can help you find the gold in your practice.

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