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"Stimwave has been great for me."
-Joe Montana
Hall of Fame NFL Quarterback

Meet the World's Smallest Wireless  Neuromodulation Device

Stimwave's StimQ Peripheral Nerve Stimulation therapy and Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulation therapy are used to treat chronic pain stemming from the back and peripheral nerves.

What makes Stimwave special is the footprint of the implantable components.  They are very small and do not include an implantable battery like traditional neuromodulation systems.   Stimwave is also Full Body 3T MRI conditional. The therapy utilizes pulsed electrical current to create an energy field that acts on the nerves responsible for the patients pain. The energy field generated at the electrodes intercepts the pain signals from traveling to the brain, functionally blocking the pain signal.

Stimwave Stimulator at Scale

Stimwave Penny.png

What is Peripheral Nerve Stimulation?

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) uses gentle electrical impulses to interrupt pain signals before they get to the brain.  PNS is a drug free therapy that is becoming a popular treatment option for everything from stubborn back pain to rare neuropathies. 


Listen to what Joe Montana has to say about Stimwave

Playing in the National Football League can certainly take its toll, and Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana is no exception.  To help avoid another surgery on his knee and relieve his pain, Joe Montana turned to Stimwave.  Press play to listen to his thoughts on the therapy.
What's great about the Stimwave neuromodulation system is that you can try the therapy first to help determine if it is right for you.  During the trial you can assess whether the therapy  provides meaningful pain relief, improves your ability to perform daily activities, and improves your sleeping habits.  Click the Learn More button to get connected to a clinical specialist and learn more about a trial. 
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