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Accelerate spinal fusion healing time with external bone growth stimulation.
Accelerate spinal fusion healing time with external bone growth stimulation.

Spinalogic Bone Growth Stimulator

Accelerate spinal fusion healing time with CMF Spinalogic external bone growth stimulation.
Because Greater Compliance Equals Better Outcomes

Covered by Medicare and most major commercial insurance plans, the CMF Spinalogic non invasive bone growth stimulator helps even your most difficult patients accelerate their healing after spinal fusion surgery.

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"In vitro studies on human osteoblast-like cell cultures demonstrated statistically significant increases in IGF-II levels and DNA synthesis after only 30 min CMF exposure." 

-Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics 1994
"The results of our pooled analysis demonstrated significantly higher odds of fusion in patients treated with electrical stimulation." 

-Journal Neurosurgery Spine 2019
"The CMF stimulator group had a mean fusion time of 166 days, shortest among any of the patient groups."

-Journal of Orthopedic Surgery and Techniques 2020
"This non invasive therapy is unique in requiring only 30 minutes of treatment per day.  Previous studies using the other non invasive technologies required much longer daily treatment times." 

-The Spine Journal 2002
"A key difference in the evaluation of the bone growth stimulators is patient compliance. The size, weight and most importantly, the length of time the device must be worn affects the outcome, since a patient is more likely to comply with a convenient device than an inconvenient one." 

-NASS Coverage Policy Recommendation
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3 Reasons to consider the Spinalogic Bone Growth Stimulator
In this video Haylee describes her 3 reasons spine surgeons should consider adding Spinalogic to their post fusion treatment algorithm.


Comparing Bone Growth Stimulators 
In this video Annie walks through the differences between the available bone growth stimulator options.

How to order a Spinalogic
In this video we walk through how a doctor and their staff can prescribe and order a Spinalogic bone growth stimulator.


Representatives You can Trust

With over 100 5-STAR patient reviews you can trust that our representatives will take good care of your patients.
Ancillary Revenue Program
Explore if adding bone growth stimulators to your practice's DME service line is right for you.

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