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Magnetic Marketing System

We don't rise to the level of our marketing goals, we fall to the level of our marketing systems.

If you answer "No" to any of the following questions, our Magnetic Marketing System can help you.

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Are you satisfied with your current patient volume and payor mix?
This is the biggest question of all.  If you answer no, then keep reading.  If you answered yes, then you can go ahead and stop here so you can get back to rocking you rockstar!

Do you have more than 5 patient testimonial videos on your website?

Patient testimonial videos are powerful ways to build trust and credibility with your past, current and future patients. Patients have become more savvy consumers and have grown to distrust or ignore unauthentic marketing messages

Do you have more than 5 patient education videos on your website?

Patient education videos help your patients remember instructions, weigh the pros and cons of a treatment, understand what to expect from a surgical procedure, or learn to manage their condition. A well-crafted video helps maximize your practice efficiencies.

Do you have a practice commercial on the first page of your website?

Similar to patient testimonial videos, a practice commercial is a powerful way to build trust and credibility with your past, current and future patients.  It's an easy way for your patients to understand who you are and what your philosophy is in caring for patients.


Do you have more than 2 social media video ads running?

 Social Media ads are a powerful tool in advertising to targeted audiences.  A social media video ad is even more powerful.  With a well-crafted video ad you can reach your desired target audience to build trust and engage.

Do you have any peer-to-peer videos on your website?

How are you educating primary care providers on the clinical benefits of the treatments you provide?  How about when that insurance company denies your auth request and forces you to do a peer-to-peer review?  Peer-to-peer videos are a great efficiency tool.

Do you have a system in place to collect patient reviews and patient reported outcomes?

Reviews are a good first step but it's necessary for healthcare providers to have a well-designed patient feedback system.  Patient feedback helps providers improve the quality of care, identify gaps in care, increase engagement and ultimately drive revenue.

Do you complete more than 12 educational webinars a year?

Educational webinars are a simple and effective tool that you can utilize to engage patients and referring providers.  These webinars can be recorded and uploaded to your website as additional educational resources. 

Do you have a strategic, video based marketing system?

There's an enormous difference between creating marketing content and having a marketing system.  Remember, we don't rise to the level of our marketing goals, we fall to the level of our marketing systems.

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Trusted by some of the leading providers in the country...

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How our Magnetic Marketing System works...

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Discovery Meeting
The first step is to complete a discovery meeting.  In this meeting we will find out if we are right for each other and identify next steps.
Identify Goals
Identify Challenges
Review Budget
HIPPA Compliance Review
Establish Delivery Timeframes
Define Strategic Direction
Build the Foundation
Once we agree on a strategic direction, our team begins building your foundation.  In this phase, we will produce the following content...
5 Patient Testimonial Videos
5 Patient Education Videos
1 Practice Commercial
5 Peer-to-Peer Videos
6 Social Media Ad Videos
Optimize Website & Social Media
Run Ad Campaigns
Run Webinar Funnels
Run Educational Webinars
Measure Performance
Refine the System
Add to the Foundation
Target & Engage
Once the foundation is built, we begin targeting and engaging your patient and referral audiences.  This stage of the system keeps going until you tell us to stop.


Some examples of our work..

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