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We help you create content that builds trust and understanding.
Get to Trust and Understanding.  Faster.
Our goal when creating content is to help your target audience develop trust and understanding of you, your product or service, as fast as possible.  Whether you are a provider, MedTech organization, or MedTech professional, we can help produce content that works for you.  Check out what we can do, and let's start creating!  


What We Do

Introduction Videos

Introduction Videos are a great way to introduce yourself and establish authority and trust with your target audience.  The best Meet & Greet videos will also build empathy with your target audience.  These videos combine two elements, (1) A 10-15 minute interview session with you and a  "B-Roll" filming session.  The end product is a 2 minute video that will live on your website and social media platforms, engaging your target audience while you sleep!

Patient Testimonials

Nothing speaks louder than a patient testimonial video.  Patient testimonials are social proof. They are a way for you to say to potential patients, “Do not take our word for it; look at what our patients are saying about us.” Patient testimonials are one of the most powerful ways to earn trust and attract new patients to your practice.

Patient Education Videos 

How often to you find yourself repeating the same explanation over and over to each new patient you see in clinic?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could have them watch an educational video on your website?  Videos of you describing their condition.  Videos of you describing the procedure and recovery.  Videos of you addressing FAQ's.  These videos are a great tool to help you educate your patients and run a more efficient practice.


Podcasts have exploded onto the media scene over the last few years and their popularity continues to rise.  A podcast is a great tool to help you showcase your brand and do a deeper dive on a variety of subjects.  We offer in-person or virtual podcasts.

Referring Provider Videos

How are you educating referring providers on the conditions you treat and the procedures you offer?  Did you know your referring providers can earn CME credit for reviewing your educational videos?  These videos are an exceptional tool to not only educate your referring providers, but provide value to them through CME credit.

Virtual Reality Training Videos

There is nothing like OTJT, "On-The-Job-Training."  Medtech organizations, Imagine if you could provide your new hire with an immersive Virtual Reality Training Video that shows them the live workflow of your product inside the operating room.  Or imagine if you could show off your new product to a new physician customer with an immersive virtual reality training video.  Web 3.0 has opened up a whole new frontier for education, and we can help you scale your workforce, or grow your revenue with immersive video.

Online Course Development

Do you have an online course in you?  We can help you create a living online curriculum that provides instruction to medical students, residents, or even current providers.  Perhaps you are a small MedTech organization trying to find a way to better educate your sales force?  We can help you create an online course at scale, delivering the know-how to your team.  The video shown here is an introduction to our Medical Device Sales Pros course which is designed to help educate entry level medical device sales pros.

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