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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

Battery-Free, MRI Compatible, Long-Term Neuromodulation Solution for Chronic Pain
Stimwave Lead.png
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Small Device
35-100x Smaller
Circuitry Fits Through Needle
Access Entire Body
MRI Compatible
1.5T Full Body PNS 4 Electrode
1.5T Full Body SCS 8 Electrode
3T Full Body SCS 8 Electrode
Comfortable Wearables
HF-EMC Technology
Fabric Integrated Antenna
No "Hockey-Puck"
PNS Introduction Video
This video is an introduction to the benefits of the Peripheral Nerve Stimulation.


BioSkills Demonstration Video
Watch as Dr. __________ demonstrates a PNS procedure from start to finish in a BioSkills lab.


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Live Procedure Video
In this video, Dr. ______________ performs a PNS procedure in real-time. 

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PNS Educational Webinar
In this webinar, Dr. ________________, reviews Peripheral Nerve Stimulation.


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