Transkambin Interbody Fusion

Deliver large expandable interbody devices safely through Kambin's triangle
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7mm Working Portal
Keep Facet Joints in tact
Avoid psoas & anterior structures
Only 3 Nerve Root Passes

Expandable Technology



ALIF Size Mesh Device 
Lordotic Titanium Device

Enhanced Recovery
Shorter Operating Time
Shorter Hospital Stay
High Patient Satisfaction
Surgical Animation Video
The surgical animation video is an introduction to the benefits of the OptiLIF procedure.


BioSkills Demonstration Video
Watch as Dr. Betsy Grunch demonstrates the OptiLIF procedure from start to finish in a BioSkills lab.


Live Procedure Video
In this video, Dr. Stephane Lavoie performs an OptiLIF procedure in real-time. 

TKLIF with Expandable Titanium Cage
In this webinar, Dr. Muhammad Abd-El-Barr describes his TKLIF technique using the ELITE expandable titanium interbody device and ENVOY delivery system from Spineology.


OptiLIF Pencil Test (2).HEIC

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