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Transkambin Interbody Fusion

Deliver large expandable interbody devices safely through Kambin's triangle
Large Endplate Conforming Implant

OptiMesh contours to the anatomy as it fills to create a large, endplate-conforming footprint. This shares load across the entire implant interface, rather than point-loading and stress-shielding as with a monolithic implant, which may be beneficial in patients with poor bone quality.
Expandable Interbody Fusion System

The Elite expandable interbody fusion system offers height ranges from 7mm-15mm, up to 4mm of height expansion, Parallel, 6° and 12° lordotic options, 10mm and 12mm wide options, 24mm, 28mm and 32mm lengths.
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"Individual outcome measures showed that 92% of patients rated their satisfaction as good or excellent at 24 months post procedure. The overall fusion rate was 99% at 24 months following review by multiple independent radiologists." 

-International Journal of Spine Surgery 2022
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"Fully endoscopic posterior interbody fusion as a minimally invasive technique offers many advantages over traditional open TLIF, including less blood loss; shorter hospital stay and quick recovery; and fewer complications, such as deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism." 

-World Neurosurgery 2019
"At a minimum 1-year follow-up, there have been no cases of instrumentation failure or pseudoarthrosis, demonstrating the mechanical stability of the expandable interbody device and percutaneous fusion construct." 

-Neurosurgical Focus 2019
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Surgical Animation Video
The surgical animation video is an introduction to the benefits of the OptiLIF procedure.


Educational Webinar
Betsy Grunch, MD describes the TKLIF approach and how it has made a positive impact on her practice.


BioSkills Demonstration Video
Watch as Dr. Betsy Grunch demonstrates the OptiLIF procedure from start to finish in a BioSkills lab.


Live Procedure Video
In this video, Dr. Stephane Lavoie performs an OptiLIF procedure in real-time. 

TKLIF with Expandable Titanium Cage
In this webinar, Dr. Muhammad Abd-El-Barr describes his TKLIF technique using the ELITE expandable titanium interbody device and ENVOY delivery system from Spineology.


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