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Endoscopic Spine Surgery
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Clinical Solutions
The foundation of Optima Surgical are the evidenced based clinical solutions we provide to physicians and their patients.  Some of the leading medical device technologies and clinical solutions we offer are listed below


External Bone Growth Stimulator

In a recent clinical study, Spinalogic was shown to help lumbar spinal fusion patients achieve fusion 78 days faster than patients that didn't use a bone growth stimulator.  At only 30 minutes a day, Spinalogic is the most convenient bone growth stimulator for patients.

Still patty wearing 2.JPG


Percutaneous TransKambin Lumbar Interbody Fusion
CPT 22853
OptiLIF is a facet-sparing lumbar interbody fusion procedure where you can deliver a near ALIF size implant through a 7mm incision.  The prospective SCOUT study demonstrated 99% fusion rates at 2 years, reduced operative time, reduced hospital stay, reduced narcotic use, and high patient satisfaction ratings.
Spineology OptiLIF.jpg


Endoscopic Spine Surgery 
CPT 62380
In a recent study, full-endoscopic discectomy was non-inferior to open microdiscectomy in reduction of leg pain. Full-endoscopic discectomy resulted in more favorable results for self-reported leg pain, back pain, functional status, quality of life, and recovery.


Artificial Disc Replacmeent
CPT 22856, 22857
Beginning with clinical usage in 1990, ProDisc has over 30 years of use.  ProDisc is the most studied and widely used total disc replacement device in the world with over 540 studies demonstrating safety and efficacy.


Personalized Interbody Devices
New Technology Add On Payment (NTAP)
Carlsmed uses patient data and digital technologies to create optimal surgical plans and personalized aprevo® spine fusion devices for each patient, giving you the power to achieve your surgical plan.  The aprevo® anterior, lateral and transforaminal interbody cages were awarded FDA Breakthrough Device Designation (BDD) in 2020 based on the potential to provide a more effective treatment when compared to existing treatment options. Spine fusion procedures utilizing Carlsmed’s aprevo® devices are eligible for an additional reimbursement of up to $40,950 per procedure from CMS. Commercial payer reimbursement varies by contract.
Carlsmed Aprevo.png


Zero Profile Cervical
CPT 22551, 22845
Saber-C is a zero profile anterior plate and interbody device designed to be delivered quickly and efficiently.  The pre loaded implant allows for the fixation spike to be deployed simultaneously giving the surgeon a one step implantation procedure.


Motion Preservation
CPT 22867
The Coflex device is an option for those in the “decision zone” between decompression alone and fusion procedures. It is for patients that experience moderate to severe stenosis, have an ODI greater than 40 as well as a back-pain VAS score greater than 50. 
Coflex Optima Surgical.jpg


Spine Tumor Ablation
CPT 20982
The STAR™ Tumor Ablation System, delivers meaningful pain relief and localized tumor destruction in a single treatment, often in an outpatient setting. The STAR™ Tumor Ablation system is used for treating Metastatic Spinal Tumors with targeted RadioFrequency Ablation (t-RFA).
STAR Tumor Ablation.jpg


Vertebral Augmentation
CPT 22513, 22514, 22515
Vertebral compression fractures (VCF’s) can have debilitating effects on a patient’s quality of life.  The StabiliT Verterbal Augmentation System combines a targeted approach and ultra-high viscosity cement to treat compression fractures and minimize extravasation in the vertebrae.
StabiliT MX.png


Peptide Enhanced Bone Graft
i-FACTOR Bone Graft is the only biologic bone graft made of a small peptide, P-15 Osteogenic Cell Binding Peptide, bound to an anorganic bone mineral (ABM). This unique combination creates a surface-bound “Attract, Attach, Activate” mechanism of action that enhances the body’s natural bone healing process. 


SI Joint Stabilization
CPT 27279
The Cornerloc™ procedure is an arthrodesis of the SI Joint performed from a minimally invasive posterior approach.  In a recent clinical study, excellent pain reduction results were found in 81.8% of patients with the remaining 18.2% percent showing at least 40% pain reduction results. All patients were up and walking 2-3 hours postoperatively.* 
Cornerloc Optima Surgical


Peripheral Nerve Stimulation
CPT 64555, 64575, 64590
StimQ is a revolutionary, micro-invasive, IPG-free device to help patients reduce their chronic neuropathic pain by pinpointing stimulation directly to the affected peripheral nerves with a multi-electrode, programmable device which enables ongoing MRI scans. 
Stimwave Lead.png
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